How to Make Money as a Credit Repair Affiliate?

A person who has bad credit may lead a quite difficult life. Having at least one red mark on his credit report may cause him to have a difficult time buying a house, getting a loan to build his own business or taking certain jobs. While it’s still possible for him to qualify for a credit card, the approval often comes with extremely high interest rates.

If you want to help those with bad credit to live better lives, then working as a credit repair affiliate is a good choice. This job allows you to help people while earning money at the same time.

A Brief Look on your Job as a Credit Repair Affiliate

If you work as a credit repair affiliate, then note that your job entails capturing the attention of those who have broken credit reports and histories. You have to drive them to your site, encourage them to check your marketing materials, and prompt them to your affiliate links.

Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link then enrolls in the program, you can expect to receive a commission. Just make sure to choose the best and the most reliable credit repair affiliate program from all the options you have. Once you have chosen at least one affiliate program, which main focus is on credit repair, you can start advertising to give those who have bad credit a better life.

So How can you Make Money from this Venture?

The key to making money by working as a credit repair affiliate marketer is to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. Here are some tips that will help you get started and attract a pool of potential customers that you can direct to your merchant’s pages using your affiliate links:

  1. Choose a business model – As a prospective affiliate marketer, note that there are two business models that you can choose from. Your choice will be dependent on how familiar you are with the credit repair industry. The first one is the research site, which typically embeds the official site of your credit repair merchant partner in the banner ad or affiliate link integrated into your posts and how-to articles.

If you choose this model, note that you need to update it frequently and add fresh content. Regular updates will encourage visitors to go back to your site regularly.

The second business model is the review site. It features reviews of the credit repair products and services that you have tried. Each review comes with a banner ad or link, which directs customers into the merchant’s site. One benefit of this model is that it does not require frequent updates. All you have to do is to make minor changes into your site, so search engines will continuously include your site in the search results.


Create a blog or site – You need a blog or website, as this is where you can place your credit repair affiliate links. Many affiliates prefer blogs because these are often free to run. Websites, on the other hand, require a certain fee to operate. Fortunately, you can find sites that let you run your own without spending too much. Websites are also preferable because they look more professional when compared to a personal blog.


There are also sites that let you engage in PPC (pay-per-click) affiliate marketing without the need to open your own site or blog. You can take advantage of these if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of running your own site.


In the PPC approach, direct links out of your merchant websites will let you earn money from ads without the need to post them to your own site. Among the affiliate networks that you can take advantage of if you’re planning to go for the direct linking route are Affiliates Directory, Link Share, Associate Programs and E-commerce Guide.


  1. Attract targeted traffic – Of course, you need to attract targeted traffic if you want to succeed as a credit repair affiliate marketer. Targeted traffic consists of visitors who are really interested in the product – those who have extremely bad credit and want to improve their lives by repairing it.


Since the traffic is targeted, there is a great chance that you can convert your visitors into actual, paying customers. If you’re successful in driving them to the merchant’s page and choose to pay for the credit repair service, you will instantly earn a commission.


To attract targeted traffic and customers, here are some ways to expose your site:


  • Paid Advertising – This is where you combine a powerful ad copy headline, graphics, and call-to-action message to encourage people to click and make an actual purchase. Make sure that there is a right balance between the three mentioned elements to obtain better results – headline, CTA, and graphics.


  • Free Advertising – It is also possible for you to take advantage of free advertising sites to expose your site and increase your chances of earning more from working as a credit repair affiliate marketer. These sites are popular places online that accept banner ads and affiliate links for free.


  • Article Marketing – Creating articles and posting them online is also the key to attaining success as a credit repair affiliate marketer. The good thing about this option is that it helps build your credibility in the credit repair industry.


Furthermore, it increases your search engine ranking as it raises the number of links that lead to your site, thereby increasing traffic. Make sure, however, that you work organically and avoid spamming. Provide real value to your audience by producing content in the credit repair industry that can help people.


  • E-mail Marketing – This involves capturing the e-mail addresses and names of your website visitors, so you can stay in touch with them. Keep in mind that there are certain visitors whom you can’t encourage to make the final purchase until they hear from you for at least three times.


That said, you need to integrate an opt-in subscription box in your site. Doing this will allow your target audience to receive a newsletter from you each week or month. Such is beneficial if you want to keep in touch with them and make them feel valued.

Earning money online is possible by working as a credit repair affiliate marketer. All it takes is to find the right credit repair merchant partner, look for the right product to promote and expose and market it to the right people.



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